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Stock Market (Sinhala Video Collection to Invest Money)

Stock Market is a very popular topic in Sri Lanka. Most people love to talk about the stock market and invest money.

Investing in the stock market is one of the most popular ways to make money. Before that you need to learn, otherwise, you will lose all your money. That’s why we add these videos to learn about how to invest money carefully.

Colombo Stock Market in Sinhala

This is a 20 minute + Sinhala Video about the Stock Market. Even you know anything about the Stock Market, this is a good video to start learning.

A Basic Introduction To The Stock Market

Tharaka Amarasena is a senior executive at the Colombo Stock Exchange. He has built a short video to give a brief introduction about what is Stock Market.

Seminar on Current Market Conditions (Sinhala)

This is a more than 2-hour video to learn about the Stock Market. If you want to get in-depth knowledge about the Stock Market, find 2 hours and watch this video.

How did Dhammika Perera Start Investing in CSE Stocks?

All of you know who is Dammika Perera, aren’t you? Dammika Perera is the richest man in Sri Lanka. According to Wikipedia, his net worth is more than $45.6 billion (it is about LKR 800 billion). He explained how he entered the stock market in the following video.

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