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Top 10 Spas (Massage Centres) in Sri Lanka

Are you looking form a spa (massage center) in Sri lanka (Colombo, Kandy Galle, Kurunegala, Galle, Mathara or any other area)?

All of us missing the real spirit of our lives in our busy life. It Couse to stress and depression as well. These negative effects bring us back to the life track. So, our body and mind need relaxation to get rid of this negativity. Take a body massage treatment from a spa center is the best option for a healthy life with a relaxed body and mind. So, here are some of the best spa centers in Sri Lanka to get relaxation. Try it out. Let’s visit the top 10 spa centers in Sri Lanka.

01. Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa

  • Address: 33, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
  • Phone: +94 11 2698161
Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa

Siddhalepa is a well-known Ayurveda product brand in Sri Lanka for a long time. There are 3 Siddhapela Ayurvedic spas located in Colombo, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia and Wadduwa with the coordination of Siddhalepa Ayurvedic resorts. You can get a full fill and trusted traditional Ayurvedic therapy with the age-old experience of Siddhalepa’s Ayurvedic practice. Here, experienced Ayurvedic doctors, therapists in Siddhalepa will care about your treatment very well. There are many spa treatments in Siddhalepa Ayurvedic spas. Head massage, Facial massage, neck & shoulders massage, powder massage, full body massage, herbal steam bath are only a few massage categories of them. According to the official website of Siddhalepa Ayurvedic spa, there are over 35 treatments on their list.

02. Kemara Life Spa

  • Address: 14 Reid Ave, Colombo
  • Phone: 0112 696 498
Kemara life spa

Kemara life is located at 14 Reid Ave, Colombo. Kemara spa is also a traditional Ayurvedic spa. As they say, kemara treatments are a rich fusion of historic therapies that carry us to a world of serenity. They have many treatments such as Aromatherapy, Deep tissue, Hot stone massage, and much more. They have a skilled team to combine you with great treatment. They use a number of Oils, Balms, Herbs, and Essence to their all treatments.

03. Nature’s Secrets Beauty Spa

  • Address: Shape No:12, Dutch Hospital Arcade, Coutyard II,Colombo – 01
  • Phone: 0112 447 873
Nature’s secrets Beauty spa

If someone looking for the best beauty spa in Colombo, this is the place to visit. Nature’s secrets beauty creation company is a pioneer beauty product manufacture in Sri Lanka. And, nature’s secret is the most trusted brand among Sri Lankans. However, they provide a beauty spa service in Dutch hospital Arcade, Colombo. They have few beauty treatments packages as, gentle caress spa indulgence, relaxing spa indulgence, gentle exfoliation & waxing, Nourishing spa indulgence, and bridal indulgence.

04. Thusare talking hands

  • Address: 7, 103/12 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 00700
  • Phone: 076 619 7917
Thusare talking hands

This is a popular spa center in Colombo Sri Lanka. So, you can see many reviews about Thusare talking hands-on many websites. It is located in Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo. By the way, they conduct 2 outdoor stalls at the Good market of Diyatha Uyana on every Thursday and Race Course on every Saturday. This is an Acupressure therapy and training center. All of the members of the therapy staff of Thusare talking hands are partially or fully visually impaired. So, it is not only a spa. It is something about the abilities of differently able people.

05. Spa Secret

  • Address: 1/A, St. Jude Lane, Ettukala Rd, Negombo 
  • Phone: 0314 939 466
Spa Secret

Spa secret can be mentioned as one of the best spa centers in the Negombo area. It located in Jude Lane, Ettukala Road, Negombo. Spa secret spa center provide a cool serviced to customers. The only thing you have to is Drop a message to make an appointment. They can switch to the spa center by their shuttle service for free. (only within 6 km away from the spa center). So, it is an extra service other than the fabulous treatments of Spa secret.

06. ExSerandib Ayurveda Cure & Therapy

  • Address: 32/8A Flower Rd, Colombo 00700
  • Phone: 0117 446 111
ExSerandib Ayurveda cure & therapy

This is a guaranteed treatment center that works under the license of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Ayurveda. It located on the flower road, Colombo. They provide treatments for face, shoulders and full body. By the way, they also offer herbal steam bath facilities as well. You can experience the herbal steam bath in a privet room with experienced and licensed therapists. EXSerandib staff will bring you an exactly massive experience of real Ayurvedic treatments.

07. WHITE by Spa Ceylon

  • Address: 14 Ward Pl, Colombo 00700
  • Phone: 0115 763 000
WHITE by Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon is also the most known and well-established Ayurvedic spa product manufacture in Sri Lanka, as well as Siddhalepa company. WHITE by spa Ceylon is located in Ward lace, Colombo 7. The specialty is they use their own signature products and treatment methods for their process. With that uniqueness, very skilled therapists will care about your wellness deeply in WHITE.

08. Green Chaya Spa

  • Address: Circular Rd, Kandy
  • Phone: 077 116 5404
Green Chaya spa

Green Chaya spa center can recommend as the best space center near Kandy. This spa center located in Hantana, Kandy. The Green Chaya spa center has over 25 years of history for its best service. They had not limited to general spa treatments. Out of spa treatments, they provide yoga treatments, Panchakarma Programs, Daily relaxing treatments, and training treatments as well.

09. Spa Sandeshaya

  • Address: 44 Lighthouse St, Galle 80000
  • Phone: 071 426 6000
Spa Sandeshaya

This is the best spa center in Gall city. the Spa Sandeshaya is located in Light House Street, Fort, Gall. It is a professionally run spa build in an impressive art deco building in Gall Fort. They offer endless modalities and customizations to serve you better. They have a number of massage therapy methods. In addition, you can enjoy the signature treatment of Spa Sandeshaya.

10.  Bentota Ayurveda Center

  • Address: Pitaramba Road, Bentota 80500
  • Phone: 071 579 59 64
Bentota Ayurveda Center

This is not only a spa place. Bentota Ayurveda center comprises with Yoga center and accommodation facilities as well. They offer many treatment packages to their customers. The best thing is, if you planned to stay for few days in Bentota Ayurveda center you can enter to a fully healthy and Ayurvedic facilities and experiences. In here, they offer, Ayurveda doctor consultation, spa and other treatments, Ayurvedic healthy foods and much more. So, it will be an amazing experience out of your busy and stressful life.

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