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06+ Free Sinhala to English Online & Offline Translation Services

There are many instances in our lives where we need the converted version of wither Sinhala terms or English terms.

No matter how good you are in one or both of these languages the above is true for everybody. But the problem lies when trying to get a perfect interpreted version of words and phrases.

What is the most trusted source to get this done by you? Are there are recommendations when it comes to online and offline translation services? Or do you simply type the phrase in Google and get it to convert it to you?

Well, it does not matter which method you be using as long as it provide the accurate results. But the main problem when it comes to online translation is that the results are very different from the ones that we expected. This becomes a problem when you are trying to get a formal document changed into one of these modes.

Sinhala to English

What is the best way to convert Sinhala to English?

The most common option that is being widely used is the Sinhala English Google translator.

But is it one hundred percent accurate? Are there no errors at all?

This is actually a useless question to ask given that Google does not have the required vocabulary to get it done in the most accurate way. If you do not trust me just type something in either of the languages and try to get it converted to the other. You are bound to get some hysterical results, but it mainly depends on the phrase you entered.

When it comes to casual versions I would say that this is pretty acceptable, but if you are looking to interpret something formal or of much importance then you will have to look for some other option.

Best sites that are available on the internet to translate Sinhala to English

There are many free sites that provide English Sinhala translates on the internet. There are applications in the android app store that does the same. All you have to do is look for the ones that provide you with the most interpretations.

Another most important fact that you should keep in mind to consider when selecting a site or an application is its developers. If it has been developed by another country as a subsection of a complete translator service that has many languages it is most likely to be useless. The reason is that these ones have a very small vocabulary related to one specific item. Getting a word like ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ down in many languages is one thing but getting some important terms written is another thing.

If your requirement is the first, to get a random word in Sinhala/English you can simply use Sinhala English Google translate.

But if not, you can use one of the below-mentioned apps or websites to get your work done;

  1. Easy Sinhala typing
  2. Bhasha website and app
  3. Madura online services
  4. Madura offline system
  5. Sinhala dictionary apps in play store
  6. English dictionary apps in play store

Out of these the most used ones are the Bhasha app and the Madura application given their reputation and high vocabulary in both ways.

A few final words of advice

So, next time you require a document converted, you can use one of the above services easily.

Make sure that you double-check the received outcome, because no machine can be trusted when it comes to these sorts of sensitive activities. They are most likely to take the most common and most dominantly defined meaning of a given word and use it as the meaning of what you entered.

The human way of thinking has not yet been fed to these systems hence they are most likely to make errors in these activities.

So choose the system wisely, get your work done and double-check whether you have received the expected output before you think that it is all completed.

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