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9+ Best Sinhala Blogs in Sri Lanka

It was really hard to find a Sinhala blog a few years back, but now there are so many Sinhala blogs on the internet. Most of them are Sinhala technology blogs. So we categorized Sinhala blogs list into technology blogs and non-technology Sinhala blogs.

If you prefer to read Sinhala books over Sinhala blogs we have written a separate article for Sinhala Books. Don’t forget to read it too. Now let’s find the best Sinhala blogs in Sri Lanka.

Best Sinhala Technology Blogs

Sinhala Blogs

TechNews : TechNews can be introduced as one of the most popular Technology blog in the Sinhala language. They publish 1-3 tech news each day. All news provided with source. So you can trust their news and you can easily find more details about that news.

TechGuru: TechGuru is powered by Derana, another trustworthy Sinhala technology blog in Sri Lanka.

Android Wedakarayo: Do you want to learn Android in Sinhala? This is the best website for that. They have a very active Facebook group also. Don’t forget top joining it too.

Aluth: This blog was updated daily in the last few years, but currently this blog is updated just 5-10 times per month.

Best Other Sinhala Blogs

Roar: Currently Roar website content is delivered by 5 languages. Sinhala is one of them. The whole site receives around 9 million page views per month.

Her: Are you a girl or women? This blog is for you. Are you a boy or men? Don’t worry. There are some articles which are for you. But this blog specially designed for women.

Yamu: Do you need to find the best restaurant near you? Do you need to get an idea about a restaurant before trying? Do you need to set with your friends to a beer party? All of the requirements, visit Yamu site.

Sinhala Weight Loss Guru: Everyone loves to lose weight, but many people don’t know the correct way to lose weight. Some of them do a lot of works like dieting, exercises in the wrong ways, the result of it is gaining more weight or any other problem. But this blog has provided proven ways to lose your weight in the Sinhala language.

Baiscopelk: Are you looking for a Sinhala subtitle for any movie? You can find Sinhala subtitles for thousands of movies from this blog. If you have good English knowledge, you can also submit Sinhala subtitles for any movie. It doesn’t make money for you, but it makes happier you.

Best Blogging Platform to Create a Sinhala Blog

Do you want to create your own Sinhala blog? We thought to cover it also in this post briefly. You can easily create a blog without any coding skill thanks to content management systems.

  • WordPress : You can easily create a blog using the WordPress platform (either or So a Google search to identify the difference between those two platforms.
  • Blogger : If you are really a beginner and non-tech user, Blogger is the best way to create a blog because it is very easy to set up and it is 100% free.

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