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Top Sinhala Android Apps for Sri Lankan

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in Sri Lanka. So now there are many Sinhala android apps in the play store. We will list down a few of them in this post.

We have checked all below app installing to our phones to before writing this article. All they are very good at the time of writing this article.



Helakuru is the Sri Lanka’s #1 Android app with more than 5 million installations with the 4.5+ rating. Helakuru is owned by Bhasha company which is one of the leading software company in Sri Lanka. They have more quality products like PayHere. This app allows you to type in Sinhala easily.

Sinhala Dictionary Offline

Do you want to convert Sinhala word to English or English word to Sinhala? This is the app you need to use. There are over 180,000 words in this dictionary. This app comes with more features like Spelling suggestions, Word Predictions, Voice Search, Image Translator, Search History, Offline usage and more.

Sinhala Quotes

You can find Sinhala Inspirational Quotes, Sinhala Motivational Quotes, Sinhala Love Quotes, Sinhala Life Quotes and Sinhala Sports Quotes from this app. If you have a Sinhala blog or if you have a plan to write a Sinhala book you can add these quotes to them after getting approval from app owner. This app is downloaded more than 100,000 times with 4.6+ rating.

Sinhala Recipes

Sinhala Recipes

This app helps you to cook using the Sinhala language. There are more than 800+ recipes. It includes local foods as well as foreign foods.

Law Sinhala

You can learn Sri Lankan law in Sinhala language using this app. But most users suggest that this app need more development. But rating shows that many users like this app.

Sinhala Magic

Everyone loves to watch the magic. But do you know the secret of magic? in other word, what is behind the magic? This app shows how magic can be done very easily. This includes video tutorials also.

LK Lyrics

You can find more than 8000 lyrics for most popular Sinhala songs in Sri Lanka. These songs categorized by singers and writers. So you can easily find lyrics for your favourite songs.


This app is Sinhala translated Version of Mahawanshaya. This is the most rated android app on this list. It is a 4.8 rating app.

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