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Pettah: Everything You Should Know about Pettah

Iconic Pettah is situated closer to the Colombo’s Commercial hub and Colombo harbour. It is an area full of different types of markets. It is a world of goods and services. So, anyone who visits Colombo must-visit Pettah as well. Because it is one of the spirits in Sri Lankan culture.


How to visit Pettah

It is not hard to find Pettah in Colombo. Streets in front of Fort railway station are Pettah streets. On the other side, Streets in front of the Colombo harbor are Pettah streets. It is situated very close to the main hotels in Colombo. By hiring a Tuk-tuk it spends only 5 -10 minutes.

Streets in Pettah

Pettah area had divided into streets. And goods and service available in each street is unique to the street and it is differing from one street to another. So, good to know a brief idea about each main street in Pettah.

Main street in Pettah is for assorted clothing stores. And there are few cross streets parallel to the main street. In here, first street for electrical goods, second street for cosmetics and home appliances, third street for fabric stores.

The ‘Maliban street’ in Pettah is a paradise for wedding couples and ‘sea street’ is a paradise of jewelry shops. The ‘China street’ is full of Chinese shops and home decor items. ‘Bankshall street’ in Pettah is to buy chemical goods and ‘old John’s street’ is for building materials. The ‘Gabo lane’ consist of Pharmaceutical items, Ayurveda drugs, and all kind of cake items. However, this iconic Pettah area consists of many stress mentioned above and not mentioned above.

Uniqueness of Pettah

You can see men who carrying heavy loads everywhere. And streets full of thousands of people. Your ears will be filled with the sound of vendors in open markets. However, don’t forget to taste the variety of foods and drinks in Pettah with Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese and western touch. And Pettah is the only place you can drink a king coconut in the city of Colombo. So, Don’t forget to enjoy this unique culture.

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