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Visit Kithulgala for Adventure & More

Kithulgala is a small town that bit closer to many iconic cities to visit in Sri Lanka such as capital city Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, etc. So, it’s so easy to manage your trips through many areas in Sri Lanka with Kithulgala as well. It is located amidst thickly forested hills in the wet zone of Sri Lanka. By the way, things to do and things to see in Kithulgala are unlimited with forests, rivers, and much more environmental wonders. So, good to know about Kithulgala briefly.


Get from Colombo to Kithulgala

The total distance from the capital Colombo to Kithulgala town is 96 Km. It spends nearly 3 hours to total journey. You must Drive on Colombo – Hatton Highway to reach Kithulgala. You will feel a clear difference in climatic change through Colombo to Kithulgala. Now let’s go through its specific attractions.

White water Rafting adventure

The best thing to do in Kithulgala is white water rafting in the Kelani River. This water rafting will bring the best adventure experience on water rafting for any thrill-seeker who visits Sri Lanka. By the way, good to visit Kithulgala for water rafting activities from January to March every year. Because there is a heavy rainy climate in this area throughout the year.

Kithulgala forest reserve

This forest is a home for many endemic Sri Lankan birds and other animals. This is a rain forest. This is one of the best forests in the country for bird watchers. You can see over 54 species of birds such as yellow-fronted Barbet, Ceylon jungle and spurfowl, Gray hornbill, etc. in this rain forest. 

Ancient Kithulgala – Beli Lena caves

The history of This cave goes to 16,000 years of past to the prehistoric period. It was home to the prehistoric ‘Balangoda man’ (Homosapien balangodensis) lived in Sri Lanka. However, this area covering ancient caves offers a breathtaking view of rubber plantations and the nearest forests.

However, only a day is enough to visit Kithulgala. But you can add extra experience by staying a night in a night camp. Finally, I would like to say that Kithulgala is one of place you must visit during your trip to Sri Lanka.

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