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E-Thaksalawa – Free Download Grade 1 to 11 Books & Past Papers

You are going to learn about what is and the importance of E-Thaksalawa in this article.

Main parts of E-Thaksalawa

You can contact E Thaksalawa using 011 2786254 for more information.

The burden of getting their child’s education in the proper way and the accurate way is something that every parent goes through. This has no boundaries like age, gender or even the wealth of the parents, because no matter what it says all parents want their children to be at the best place. They do not hesitate to make any sacrifice to make this dream come true.E-Thaksalawa is one of the items that can help you with this, but read on to find out how.

But a very common problem within the country is selecting the right tuition classes to the kids. Well, I am not talking about the Ordinary Level or Advanced Level students. Some parents have their kids go to classes from Grade 1.

But, ask these questions from yourself and try to give the most honest answer possible. It is all for you, so there is no need to lie.

Are there any obvious results or improvements? Are the kids happy than before? Do they get to enjoy their childhood whilst engaging in interesting learning activities with someone they love?

This is exactly where E-Thaksalawa comes to play. This is a government website that has all the educational materials that are required by a child from his first year at school to his last year at school. The role it plays in the present society is very important mainly on the attempt made to save the childhood of the kids.


What is E Thaksalawa?

As mentioned above this is a government website that is being run by the ministry of education. Hence let me start by saying that it is completely free and safe to be used.

This is a website that is developed to assist students in their school life from grade 1 to grade 13 with no hustle.

You get many things such as textbooks, activity books and test papers which are based on the approved curriculum by the educational department.

It is an ocean of resources set up in one place to help all the students that are living all around the island. We can also name this as an approach taken by the Sri Lankans to reach the international standards when it comes to education.

What does E Thaksalawa Provide?

With E-Thaksalawa you get anything and everything that is related to education. This has study guides to students who are having special education (children with special needs), as well as the monks who are following the Piriven educations.

They also have past papers and education plans and support systems to help the children in whatever the way they need.

This is absolutely an amazing project that is being done by the MOE of Sri Lanka, given that the number of students that are using this to gain more knowledge is countless.

What can You do with This?

As a parent, you are most likely to be using this system to help support your kids’ education. You get to download Grade 1 books, download Grade 2 books and also the activity sheets and other recreational songs and dramas and things are available in the website.

The best is that you can start learning right after you finish the previous year. If you have completed grade 12 education you can simply download Grade 13 books and start preparing for you’re A/Ls.

What Grades & Subjects are Covered with E Thaksalawa?

You can find Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 & Grade 13 from E Thaksalawa (both Old Syllabus & New Syllabus). You can find both Sinhala & Tamil versions.

You can find the following subjects from E Thaksalawa.

  • Buddhism
  • Sinhala Language
  • Health
  • ICT
  • Business Studies & Accounting
  • Science
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Catholism
  • Sinhala Language & Literature
  • Geography
  • Citizenship Education
  • Enterpreneurial Education
  • & Many More Subjects

Cyberspace is not a Bad Place with This

The internet is something that is getting blamed for more than many things in the 21st century.

But with systems as this, you actually get to take better use of it. With E-Thaksalawa, you get to provide your child with a better chance of learning effectively at home, while being with their loved ones. As a parent, you will know what you are teaching them and the security is guaranteed.

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