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All Exam Results in Sri Lanka (OL / AL / GRADE 5)

There are many examinations of Sri Lanka which all the students have to face before entering the university. They schedule all these tests held for specific months each year. They will decide the schools and universities that the pupil will be able to enter in the future.

The grade 5 scholarship examination is highly competitive. However, this is not compulsory for all the grade 5 students of Sri Lanka. Based on the results of this optional exam, they transfer the pupils who receive good grades to prominent national schools. Now, it is time to find out more about them. First, let us pay our attention to the Ordinary Level examination and its results.

Exam Results in Sri Lanka

OL Exam Results – The Qualifications of The Passing of the Students

This is usually held in the month of December. The 2018 examination commenced on December 3 and concluded on December 18. This is also competitive when compared with the other tests. The number of kids that participated was 656,641 and they conducted the exam in 4461 centers all across the country. The syllabus from grade 10 and 11 will be included in the assessment and the candidates will face the papers at the end of grade 11 usually; the students of the ages 15-16. The eternal candidates too can apply for this. And also, as it is available in all three mediums- Sinhala, English and Tamil, the students have the ability to select any medium of their wish.

It is important to note that it is based on the Cambridge University Ordinary Level qualification. After the candidates face this exam, they will be able to select the stream that they wish to follow in AL. Most of them decide this after they release the results. They can decide it based on the Ordinary Level results, which will be released three or four months after the exam. This year, they released the results in March. They will announce the top rankers soon as the results are released. Now, let us find out more about the Advanced Level examinations and the results of Sri Lanka.

AL Exam Results – What Does it Decide?

The Advanced Level examination is a General Certificate of Education (GCE) qualification in Sri Lanka which is also held annually by the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. This exam is similar to the British Advanced Level. Once the students of Sri Lanka complete the OL examination, they take this during the two final years of the college level.

This qualification is required to enter the Sri Lankan state universities. The pupils have the option to carry out their Advanced Level studies in any of the three mediums- Sinhala, English or Tamil. This test is held in the month of August every year and the majority of the candidates enter this exam via the school they study. In case if the student has left the school, he or she has the ability to apply for this examination as a private applicant.

There are five fields of studies related to this test. They are physical science stream, biological science stream, commerce stream, arts stream, and technology stream. Each student has to follow three subjects in whatever stream they select and in addition to those three, there will be a General English test and a Common General test for the students. They will release the results of this examination at the end of December each year, and those results will decide the students who qualify for university entrance.

Each year, based on the results of the candidates, the University Grants Commission produces a list of Z-scores for university admission. The percentage of students eligible for the entrance of university is about 65%. This value shows slight fluctuations each year. However, we expect to see an increase in this value as it will be very beneficial for the candidates as they will be able to receive free learning. Now, let us pay our attention to the final part of this article.

Grade 5 Scholarship Examination and The Results

This is also a highly competitive examination held by the Education Department, Sri Lanka. The students of Grade five sit for this examination annually, in the month of August, the same month as that of the AL exam. They release the results of this competitive examination two or three months later. There are many students from all over the country that sit for this test.
However, this exam will only decide whether the child can transfer to a prominent national school or not. Therefore, this examination is an opportunity for those who attend village schools that don’t have many facilities. This examination is held in two mediums- Sinhala and Tamil.

Winding up…

Those were some facts about the three main exams and all exam results in Sri Lanka, held by the Department of Education. The competitiveness of all of them is increasing really fast and as a result, the papers are made in a way which is more challenging. So, the difficulty of the papers is rising each year.

All these examinations test the learning progress of the children of Sri Lanka and provide them with the chance of receiving higher studies to brighten their future. Therefore, it is important to face prepare well and face them to excel.

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